A piano is not just any old piece of furniture; it is a treasured family heirloom that must be handled with great care.

Ciao Moving And Storage are the experts in piano moving, and we will treat your instrument with the utmost respect.

We understand that pianos are delicate and require special attention. This is why we have invested in the best piano moving equipment and trained our staff to handle these instruments with great care.

Our piano movers in Miami are highly trained and experienced in piano moving. They will take every precaution to ensure your piano arrives at its destination safely.

Piano Moving Experts Ready To Help!

At Ciao Moving And Storage, we have a team of professional piano movers ready to help you move your piano.

We don’t just move pianos. We specialize in piano moving. We have the experience and expertise to get your piano moved safely and efficiently.

Our piano moving process begins with a comprehensive free walkthrough and estimate. We’ll assess your piano and your home to determine the best course of action for moving your piano. We’ll also provide you with a free quote for our services.

Depending on your piano type, we will recommend the best way to move it. We have a variety of piano moving methods and techniques that we use to ensure your piano is moved safely and securely.

Once we have decided on the best way to move your piano, we will get to work.
Our professional piano movers will carefully pack your piano using the best packing materials and methods. We will then use dollies, hand trucks, and other equipment to load your piano onto our vehicle.

We will transport your piano to its new location and unload it carefully. We will set it up in its new home and ensure it is secure.

Once your piano is in its new home, we will tune it and make any necessary adjustments. This is to ensure that your piano is in good working order and you can start enjoying playing it right away.

Best Local Piano Movers In The Area

Being the best piano movers in Miami, we understand the sentimental value your piano has to you. It is not just an inanimate object but a part of your family.

We, therefore, dedicate time, effort, and resources to ensure that your piano is moved with the utmost care.

We move all types of pianos, including:

  • Baby pianos: We are the baby piano movers you can trust in Miami. We have the experience and expertise to handle your baby piano with great care.

  • Upright pianos: Upright pianos are one of the most common types of pianos. We have moved numerous upright pianos and know precisely how to do it right.

  • Grand pianos: Grand pianos are, arguably, the most challenging type of piano to move. But our expert piano movers have the experience and know-how to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

  • Console pianos: Console pianos are delicate and require great care when moving. But you can rest assured that our piano movers will take great care of your console piano.

We also move digital pianos, studio pianos, and keyboard instruments. No matter what type of piano you have, we can help you move it to your new home or office.

Dedicated And Experienced Piano Moving Company

Your music is important to you. It is a part of your soul, and when you entrust it to someone, you want to know that they will take care of it as if it were their own.

At Ciao Moving And Storage, we understand this better than anyone. Our team of dedicated and experienced piano movers wants you to continue enjoying your music for years to come. We will treat your piano with the utmost care.

We understand that each piano is different and requires a unique approach. We will work with you to create a custom plan for moving your piano, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

We don’t ask you to lift a finger! However, we want you to be involved in every step of the process to be confident that your move is executed according to your specific needs.

Moving Pianos The Right Way!

The right way to move a piano is to use a professional mover. At Ciao Moving And Storage, we have the experience and equipment to move your piano safely.

This equipment includes a piano board, a furniture dolly, and straps. We will also use a ramp to load the piano onto our truck.

Our drivers are trained in how to transport pianos properly. They will take the necessary precautions to avoid bumps and jolts during the drive.

The trucks we use for piano moves are equipped with air ride suspension. This ensures a smooth ride for your piano.

We have fitted GPS trackers on all of our trucks. You can track the location of your piano at all times.

We also carry insurance for all types of moves, including piano moves. This protects your piano in case of any accidents.

We also provide climate-controlled storage for pianos. Our storage facility is clean, dry, and temperature-controlled.

Your piano will be in pristine condition until you are ready to have it delivered to your new home.

Regardless of your piano’s size, weight, or value, we will treat it with the utmost care. Call us today and get a free, no-obligation quote!