Florida is one of the most popular places in the USA and the world. Its natural beauties attract a large number of tourists and new residents.

The Miami metropolitan area hides a special gem. Coral Gables is considered a luxury suburb of Miami, but it essentially makes a city for itself. It is also called “The City Beautiful.”

Coral Gables is located in South Florida, 7 miles from Downtown Miami. It has about 50,000 inhabitants and is an extremely beautiful and comfortable place to live. It is full of greenery, fountains, parks, wide avenues, luxury houses, and tourist attractions.

However, every potential resident will ask whether living in Coral Gables is suitable for my family and me.

Along with the most important life items, such as jobs, housing, education, and health and care, Coral Gables neighborhood safety is also what interests potential residents.

We will analyze some of the neighborhoods:

Downtown Gables

This is the heart of the city, where there is a constant flow of people walking around, driving bulls, and in traffic. Students of Miami University live here, as do single families, artists of all kinds, and young professionals. Also, many tourists are constantly circulating, visiting the sights and enjoying the picturesque atmosphere.

When we refer to Coral Gable crime statistics, we see it is completely safe here. Although it is the center itself, where the flow of people is constant and significant, statistics tell us that on a scale of 1-10, Downtown Gables is marked with the number four.

The general opinion is that you can sit here as long as you want and at whatever time, and your safety will not be questioned.

Gables Estates

This neighborhood is described as Paradise on the coast, and it definitely is. Connected to the legendary Biscayne Bay, this is one of the most luxurious AND prestigious parts of Coral Gables. Some of the billionaires have houses right here.

It goes without saying that this is a gated community and that privacy and security are a priority here. This fantastic area provides a chance for outdoor activities 24 hours a day without the risk of any crime. This is one of the most safe areas in Coral Gable. This is a high-ranking neighborhood in every respect.

Statistical sources assess the crime score of this neighborhood as one, which means maximum security.


A perfect green oasis on the coast, 7 miles south of downtown Miami. Luxury houses, swimming pools, private docks with boats, restaurants on the beach, and parks make up this panorama.

This short description tells you that nothing here is left to chance, especially not what concerns crucial aspects of life.

Considering the well-to-do people who live here, safety is at an enviable level. Although it is close to Miami, which is a big city and potentially risky when it comes to crime, Coral Gable community safety is best seen in these parts of the city.

The crime rate scale is one, which suggests that security here is more than ideal.

Gables by the Sea

Whoever became a resident of this neighborhood is a fortunate person. It is a beautiful region that penetrates deep into the sea and does not need bridges. This is the benchmark for a Coral Gables family-friendly neighborhood.

From here, you can go to work in your own boat if you like it that way. You can ride a bike, car, or walk; there are no restrictions. A walk through quiet streets, through lush greenery, by the sea seems like an ideal start and end of the day.

The safety of people and property is felt at every step. Gated and guarded private areas are a given.

This is the place where families find their peace and comfortable lives. Little disturbs the day and night silence. If someone asks about the community safety of this area, the answer will only be a smile from one of the residents. The official crime rate is 1, as in previous neighborhoods.

The Golden Gate

Here is a slightly different neighborhood, located next to U.S. Route 1. This small neighborhood is more modest than the previous ones, with cheaper houses and apartments. But a peaceful life is also possible here. Everything that makes a connected and quality community is represented here.

Ranch houses dominate here, and tree-lined streets connect neighborhoods. Restaurants, cafes, sports fields, and schools make the streets full of people, and life goes on constantly. Proximity to a busy road is a kind of benefit, but it also carries certain risks. Based on Coral Gables police reports, we see that the crime rate here is slightly higher. On a scale of 1 – 10, it is a 4. It is still a very acceptable crime score and does not disturb residents.

The population lives peacefully and relaxed within this settlement.

Upper Riviera

The famous University of Miami is located right in this neighborhood in Coral Gables. This means there is also a student campus here, so the dynamics are intense and constant.

Everything that makes up student life and needs is present here. The energy of youth fills the whole area. There are sports fields, cafes, parks, shopping areas.

Of course, the chances of some criminal actions are increased. As long as there is a large flow of different people present, the Coral Gables crime rate can increase in a place like this.

Apart from students, tourists, residents, and people in transit also move here. Therefore, various types of theft, robbery, assault, and harassment are real. However, the crime score itself is not very high—only 3, which is quite negligible compared to some other cities.

Coral Gables safety tips

Awareness of your own safety should accompany you always and everywhere. No one can be saved only by the police.

Such awareness is built through knowledge and experience. Both children and adults should be educated about safe behavior wherever they are.

What everyone should be warned about, regardless of age and gender:

  • move through well-lit and busy streets and parts of the city

  • avoid walking or driving in suspicious areas

  • avoid moving around large parks if you are alone, especially at night

  • watch your valuables, money, jewelry and cards

  • do not enter into a conversation with anyone and give them confidential information about your movements and property

Coral Gables safety reviews

The answer to the question is it safe moving in Coral Fables, Fl is yes.

Coral Gables is a safe town. Security is at a very high level, and the crime rate is low. The family environment, peaceful citizens, and focus on personal and community well-being make life here very comfortable.

However, mass tourism, large-scale sporting events in Miami, the proximity of the international airport, and continuous heavy traffic are potential risks.

This is an area where many paths of different people cross. No one can guarantee 100% security to anyone.

The police here do their job conscientiously and responsibly. Citizens declare that they feel safe and protected. The police presence is constant and visible, and reactions are quick and efficient.

Therefore, Coral Gables is one of the safest cities in Florida and the entire USA. It is undoubtedly the ideal place for a peaceful and organized life so contact Ciao Moving & Storage and start your new life here.