Looking for a Moving Company

When looking for someone to assist with your relocation needs be sure to choose one that will guide you through the entire process. Look into the company’s review to ensure it is a reputable business, be sure that the company is licensed and that your items are insured during the move. Know what you are paying for beforehand: some companies charge by the hour or weight, while others offer a fixed rate. It is imperative to know the payment option provided by the company, cancellation policy, and if a deposit is required.

Preparation for the move:

The key to a stress-free move start by organizing your goods.

  • Get boxes, tape, and packing paper
  • Donate or discard the unused items
  • Transfer the utilities (power, water, cable, & internet) to the new destination
  • Be aware of any time restriction or elevator reservation. Communicate with your relocation consultant for additional guidance

Packing & Boxes:

Protecting your personal belongings start by choosing the right box for each item. Boxes have different sizes and purposes depending on the type of item being packed. The heaviest items should go in smaller boxes, while fragile/breakable should be stored in china boxes. Not sure of how to pack your items? Our team is ready to answer any question you might have.

During the move:

It is important to have the contact number of your relocation consultant readily available. Additionally, make sure to make yourself available in the event you need to be contacted.

New Home:

  • Connect all utilities (power, water, cable, & internet)
  • Make sure to reserve a timeslot in the elevator if applicable
  • Have the space available for the incoming furniture


    • Chemicals
    • Flammables
    • Live loads
    • Ammunition